Тренировочный лагерь в Чехии

Тренировочный лагерь

В ФТК пришло приглашение принять участие в летнем теннисбольном тренировочном лагере для юношей и женщин, а так же семинар для тренеров, который состоится с 01.08. по 05.08.
Всем желающим принять участие, обращайтесь в федерацию.

Текст официльного приглашения см.ниже.

Zátopkova 100/2, P.S. 40, 160 17  Praha 6 • Tel.: +420 602 940 312 • e-mail: nohejbal@cstv.cz • www.nohejbal.org

Invitation to

International FutNet Camp for pupils and women
(1.- 6.8.2011, Chabarovice, Czech Republic)

Organiser: Czech FutNet Association with TJ Slovan Chabařovice

: middle advanced pupils aged 12 – 15 and women (from Czech republic and from other FutNet countries). Capacity of camp is 70 persons.

Fee (per participant and camp):  50 Euro – pupil, 80 Euro – woman,
80 Euro – leaders, coaches

Included services: full board and accommodation, training units organised by top Czech coaches (from FutNet and similar sports) and players of Czech national team, regeneration units, written documents, sports equipments (GALA balls, sports shirts etc.), organisation of FutNet seminar for couches – Tactics and technique in FutNet (in Czech and English)

Language: Czech, English

At the end of the Camp everybody receives a certificate on participation.

Accommodation in Chabařovice summer camping site.

Important notices:

The Camp is organised as help for developing FutNet countries.

The exact day´s program of camp will be presented after date for applications. One month before camp at the least.

Arrival is expected on Monday 1st August by 15 o’clock, the daily board starts by supper on Monday and finishes by breakfast on Saturday 6th August. Assistance with transport from Prague airport or from Ústí nad Labem railway-station to camp will be organized.

Every national group of pupils/women must come with responsible leader (coach for pupils/women speaking English or Czech).

For more detailed information ask k.klenik@nohejbal.org 

Your application for the International FutNet Camp should be sent by 30th April at the latest. 


Vlastimil Pabián                                                                            Kamil Kleník

Chairman                                                                                        President

TJ Slovan Chabařovice                                                                Czech FTA


Prague, 16th February 2011

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